What is CharacterCat all about?

CharacterCat is a cartoon character who personifies any significant news event (and some which are just plain funny!). As we know Cat’s are normally docile creatures, resting for most of the day, enjoying savory nibbles when the mood strikes, which have normally been left to curb that mid day rumble! But on occasion they can be found demonstrating various personalities from the hunter, to crazy TV jumping wall climbing feline.


CharacterCat wishes to be a more vibrant and, active cat; all be it, a modern cat. Reading and viewing media feeds, looking for the next character to transform into. The most important point about CharacterCat  is that he will transform to a visual idea of the topic of most interest to him during the month. All CharacterCat lovers will be able to purchase your very own CharacterCat memorabilia for that month. But you must remember, cats have a short attention span, so be sure to check the CharacterCat Twitter feed and Face book page to see what’s on his mind.

Keep following and check out the new CharacterCats that will appear each Day, week or month, news is so dynamic that CharacterCat will always be changing. So if a CharacterCat has gone, you should be able to find them on the archive section. And leave a comment, or suggestion of what CharacterCat you would like to see. You just never know what’ s going to interest him!

CharacterCat Team.

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