Explorer Cat

August 26, 2013 -
Explorer Cat

Indiana Jones is a fictional character, a bullwhip-toting archaeologist with an overdeveloped fear of snakes, played by Harrison Ford in a series of films by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Jones is modelled after the strong-jawed heroes of the pulp magazines and matinee serials that Lucas and Spielberg enjoyed as kids.
Born Henry Jones Jr. to Scottish-born medievalist Henry Jones Sr. and his wife Anna on July 1, 1899, in Princeton, New Jersey, he accompanied his father on his travels throughout Europe, where he learnt to speak, read, and write 27 languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Vietnamese, Swahili and Chinese, apart from English. Henry Jr. adopted the name of his beloved dog Indiana for himself, insisting he be referred to as Indiana Jones.
Classic scene – how to deal with a man with a knife

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Venasa strong

I love the hat. I can’t wait for the t-shirts to come out.

Ms G

This site is soooo Cool.

Petra Jane

Explorer Cat | Character Cat is my best cat.

Scot Hearer

Fantastic drawings!


Love it – Sooo cute

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