August 26, 2013 -

A short recollection from a buy stander of the riots in London. August 2012
Gangs of teenage boys in black hoodies were clustered along the pavement, not itself an uncommon sight in my neighbourhood. It didn’t hit me until I realised that there were only gangs of teenage boys in hoodies on the pavement, and the shops were all barred shut. The youths were pouring in from the side streets, most masking their faces with scarves, some carrying cricket bats and wood planks.
“Yeah, keep walkin cuz. Keep walkin,” a deep voice from behind me said. I kept walking. They were not rioting yet, but waiting, boasting loudly about the shops they planned to rob. Their teenage masculine bravado was in overdrive and I could only hope to get home before it exploded.
Suddenly a mob of masked rioters came charging towards me. I dodged out of the way, and to my relief they ran past, fleeing a police van that had pulled up ahead. I quickened the pace and got home safely, only to find my neighbours across the street abandoning ship. They loaded their suitcases and pets into the car and drove away. For maximum effect play both videos at the same time!
Mr Sand man is a track liked by the hoods (smile) Yes Fam lol

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